Welcome to your Concise Guide to Stock-Market Investments

Simple Stock Investing is a guide tailored for the individual investor who prefers safe investments to "thrilling" ones. By safe we don't mean of modest profits. On the contrary, we will explain why diversification and long-term investing can yield the best results, as long as they are done efficiently. In this website you will find articles and an investing guide that may assist you in achieving that efficiency. Let us be part of your self-education on how to design and manage your own portfolio of long-term diversified investments.

Is Investing, Gambling?

No, unless you buy securities that are too risky. To make this point, investing essentials are explained. You can read this and other stock investing articles at our website.

Investment Performance Measurement: Return, Volatility, Alpha & Beta

Introduces total return, risk proxies and commonly-used technical indicators such as beta and Jensen's alpha. Measuring performance is not just a matter of observing prices!

Historical Stock Market Charts (S&P500 Index)

Shows the performance of the U.S. stock market as a whole, for the last 60 years. Dividends, inflation-adjusted data, and averages are included.

The Difference Between Mutual Funds and ETFs

Part of our step by step, stock investing guide, explains what makes an exchange-traded fund different from a mutual (open ended) one.

Compare Mutual Funds with Morningstar®

Morningstar is an online service specialized in mutual funds, although it also provides extensive information on ETF's, CEF's and stocks, as well as news and commentary. This is a sponsored review of their tools and ratings.

Stock Market Basics

What are shares of stock? What do we need to know about them, to invest in equity funds?

What are Index Funds?

Read about index funds: what they are and why there is a growing trend towards these kinds of investment vehicles.

CFP Requirements: How to Become a Certified Financial Planner

Describes the steps required for achieving a CFP® certification, as specified by the CFP Board of Standards, Inc.


Invest in Brazilian & Latin-American stocks with Covestor®

Through their multi-managed accounts, Covestor leverages on technology to offer, to the general public, a style of investment that was previously exclusive for HNWI. We provide data for a South American model, offered through their system, that constitutes an innovative way to invest in this highly-developing region.

Is Stock Picking Pointless?

According to the efficient market hypothesis, it is. The article explains this theory and its implications.

Investing for College Students

The inquiry of a college student who wants to invest for retirement is answered with a summary of the steps to take before diversified, long-term investing.

What is Total Return?

Explains this performance measure for stocks, bonds and investments in general.

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